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Free-Range pasture raised certified organic chicken is better!

Yes I said it and I stand behind this statement. In my opinion and the opinion of many of our customers, certified organic free-range pasture raised chicken tests better than store bought. Here are few more facts on why local pasture raised certified organic chicken is better for you and your family.

  1. Happier lives or as some say "ethical omnivorism" : Blue Sky Sunny Day Farm chicken live a great life. They spend the night in a safe, dry and warm coop. In the morning, we open the doors and they all run out to our certified organic pasture. For most non organic local farmers, their chicken is rushed to grow, fed 24 hours a day (is their a feeder where they sleep?) and are sent to the slaughter house in six weeks. Our chickens don't live like that. In addition, we raise our birds to an average age of ten weeks, which allows them to grow at a natural pace. Sure this costs us more money but we believe you get a better tasting bird for your family.

  2. Better for the environment: Certified organic Pasture raised chicken is healthier for the planet, and healthier for the chickens. When chickens are allowed ample time outside, they are able to forage by scratching, pecking at the ground, eating insects, worms, grains, and grass from the soil, and harvesting seeds. Basically, they are allowed to live exactly as nature intended them to. In return, their droppings give back to the soil’s natural biome and create a cycle of regenerative agriculture that just isn’t found in factory farming.

  3. Healthier Meat: Not only is raising chickens on pasture healthier for the animal, but it’s healthier for you too. Pasture raised chickens are given access to plenty of nutrients in the form of insects, worms, seeds, grains, and grass. The rich nutrient-density of their diet translates to a more nutritious and better tasting final product. Compared to barn-raised and conventionally-raised chickens, Certified organic free-range pasture raised poultry has been shown to have three times the omega-3s, 50 percent more vitamin A, D, and E, and 21 percent less saturated fat. Simply put, healthier chickens make for healthier chicken.

  4. Farmer: You know who we are at Blue Sky Sunny Day Farm. You see us each week at the market or during your home delivery. You can ask us all about our certified organic chicken farm along with our vegetable, lamb, turkeys and egg production. Knowing where your food comes from, how it is grown and who the farmer is has much value.

As the old saying goes, “you are what you eat.” Simply put, when you consume meat that is raised in a healthy environment, given access to fresh air, water, and sunlight, and fed a nutrient dense certified organic diet (including those obtained from natural foraging on a certified organic pasture), you’re consuming a final product that is much healthier than non-organic and/or industrially-raised counterpart.

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