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Our non-traditional CSA

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CSA's were developed to help bring your local farmer together with the local customer.  The customer signs up for a vegetable basket or meat share each week and are charged an upfront annual (seasonal) subscription fee.  Each week, the farmer decides which vegetables are put into the veggie box or which cuts of chicken and lamb.  The customer is then shipped their box of surprise vegetables or cuts of meat.

At Blue Sky Sunny Day Organic Farm, we have a different opinion on CSA's.  We believe that there is no need to have an upfront annual pay part of a CSA.  We also believe that you, the customer should decide which vegetables you want or which cuts of chicken and lamb you want to cook for your family that week.

What are the benefits for you to use our CSA program?

1.  No upfront costs that others farmers charge

2.  You decide each week which items you want and how much of each item

3.  You don't receive vegetables or chicken that you do not want, your family doesn't like to eat or you don't know how to cook.

4.  No rushing to the market to avoid items being sold out as they have been reserved just for you.

5.  If you cannot make it to the market, just let us know and we will share your products with another customer (no dollar commitments)

Below outlines our simple CSA vegetable box program or chicken/lamb meat share program.

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Here is how our CSA program works:

You let me know you want to be involved and I communicate with you weekly via email or text.  In this communication, we detail which vegetables, lamb, chicken and bakery products we have available.

You decide what you want, how much of each and respond back to our email or text and all is set!

You let us know if you want these delivered to you (no charge) or if you will pick them up at one of the markets we attend.


Your vegetables are picked the night before delivery/pickup in order to have the items as fresh as possible.


You come to the market when you want (avoid the morning farmers market vegetable rush) and your reserved items are waiting for you!

Sometimes, life throws us a rock that we did not plan on getting hit with.  If you cannot make the market for your pickup, just let me know and I will release your items to another customer.


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Designed for you.

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