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What value do I get from buying organic vegetables or organic eggs from a Certified Organic Farmer?

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Many farmers say they follow organic practices, pasture-raised or they are organic. This may be good or this may be bad for you. To truly know if you are getting organic vegetables, organic chicken, organic lamb, organic eggs or organic turkey, the only source is buying from a certified organic local farmer, right here in Walterboro. Here are some points to consider:

  1. Seal of Quality: When you see a farmer is using the USDA Organic logo, you know the produce or meat or eggs she is selling guarantees certain safeguards to you, verified by a third party, Clemson University and the USDA.

  2. GMO's: Certified organic farmers cannot use GMO seeds for vegetables, feed for their animals cannot be grown using GMO plants or sewage sludge. The sewer sludge scares me a bit!

  3. Annual Compliance: The regulations also require annual compliance inspections. Each year. Clemson University visits our farm and reviews our records, farming practices and how we are supporting the environment. They ensure anything we put into our soil or into our animals is organic and follows all the rules of the USDA Organic program.

  4. Approved Materials: USDA Organic has a strict list of approved materials. This is where the Roundup comes in. Most farmers use Roundup and this is something I do not want in my vegetables. Certified Organic farmers are NOT allowed to use Roundup.

  5. Traceability: For consumers concerned about this level of traceability in their food, certified organic provides that important assurance.

  6. Environmental Stewardship: Organic production is more than just the avoidance of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. It is a whole system of soil management and nutrient cycling to maintain ecological balance, protect water quality, and enhance biodiversity. Organic practices have the power to increase productivity of the land over time, building fertility and biodiversity for the next generation.

Stop by and pay us a visit at the Summerville Farmers Market every Saturday, We love talking about our certified organic farm and the values (in addition to the better flavor and nutrients) found in eating certified organic vegetables, organic chicken, organic eggs, organic turkey and organic lamb.

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