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Thanksgiving is only 110 days away...

Why Buy a Pasture-Raised Certified Organic Turkey?

I guess I should explain why I am even talking about Thanksgiving in August. We have a limited supply of our organic turkeys and want to share with you the reasons why you should consider one for your Thanksgiving table. If you are interested in reserving one, email me at Cost will be $6.00 per pound and delivered frozen in early November.

Here are just a few of the many compelling reasons to buy a locally and certified organic turkey from Blue Sky Sunny Day Farm:

  • Taste: No turkey tastes better than a pasture-raised one. These birds have pecked all summer long on nourishing green pastures and bugs—their vitality supplemented with certified organic non-GMO grains we source from Reedy Fork Farm. A life of sunshine and organic pasture grazing promises the most delicious taste on your Thanksgiving table.

  • No additives: Organic pasture-raised turkeys ensure one thing: just turkey. Grocery store birds are often injected with “proprietary” (think “unknown”) additives that can amount to over 10% of the bird’s weight.

  • Healthier Choice: Regardless of whether your concern is for Mother Nature, the wellbeing of your bird, or your personal health; a pasture-raised certified organic bird checks all the boxes. Proponents of humane husbandry practices say the turkeys have just one bad day. By stark comparison, conventional turkeys live a life of stress. Many are de-beaked and de-toed to accommodate tight living quarters. They are raised in manure-filled confinement.

  • No additives: The conventional turkey raising process uses a systematic addition of unregulated antibiotics to GMO feed may help prevent bird-disease outbreaks, but it also contributes significantly to the emergence of increased antibiotic resistant bacteria. Concentrated confinement produces environmental degradation due to the massive turkey waste produced. And these negative consequences are just the beginning of the list. Organic pasture-raised turkeys, on the other hand, deliver wellbeing for all involved. Organic pasture foraging and organic non-GMO feed contribute to a nutrient-dense diet and a net positive environmental impact.

  • Builds Community and Supports the Local Economy: Buying a local turkey builds community. The most obvious reason is the economic advantage of keeping money close to home. But local buying has further reaching benefits. Your ability to speak with us, the farmer who raised your Thanksgiving turkey is no small gain. A dialog about your food, how it is raised and how to prepare it has endless advantages for those on a personal journey to more conscious eating. There is so much to be learned about the love and care it takes to raise a Thanksgiving bird, and how it all impacts you.


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