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- Since 2019 -

Blue Sky Sunny Day Farm


The Low Country's best source for your certified organic vegetable, organic pasture raised free range eggs and chicken, lamb and turkey for you and your family.  All chicken, turkey, lamb and eggs are sourced from animals grazing on our certified organic free range pasture.

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September "going on's" at the farm.  Harvest has started and this is quite exciting.  Chickens and turkeys are growing nice and this cooler weather will help them. Turkeys are getting bigger and bigger each day.  Milk, cheese and butter sales are through the roof and we thank you.

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About the farm


Located at the front porch of the Low Country in beautiful Walterboro South Carolina, we have a small certified organic farm with two purposes...protect the earth we live on and provide you fresh, tasty organic vegetables, free range chicken, eggs, turkey and lamb.  We are also your source for organically raised local protein.  

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