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Raised right here at our certified organic farm in Walterboro.  Guinea hen’s lean and tender dark meat has less fat than chicken and flavor reminiscent of pheasant – a very approachable game bird. Because of its leanness, you will find that many recipes call for moist cooking methods. You may choose to brine guinea hen, or even cook the parts of the bird separately with different techniques: grill or pan-sear the breast, and roast, braise or confit the legs. Guinea hen is best when cooked to medium doneness – anything more and you risk drying the delicate meat.

Guinea hen is easy to roast and can be braised in a stew or curry like chicken. Some traditional cooking methods include cooking in a closed container, basting or barding with bacon, or cooking in a rotisserie


Organically raised on our certified organic pastures, free range, happy life and fed certified organic eed. This organic diet combined with spending their days outdoors enjoying their pasture grasses, bugs, fresh air and sunshine all of which generates a juicy, very tasty chicken that has a deep flavor you’ve never experienced from grocery store poultry.

Neck, gizzrds, liver and heart not included, just the pure bird!

Photo for image only.  Certified Organic Feed contains organic soy, corn, wheat and other ingredients.

Certified Organic Whole Guinea hen

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