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Email me what you want and I will pickup from the Turner's and deliver to you.  I need to know by 9:00 PM on Monday for delivery Friday (downtown), Saturday (Summerville) or directly to your home.

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Raw Milk $11.50 gallon  $7.50 half gallon
Cream (made from raw milk) $15.50 half gallon
Butter (salted or unsalted, made from raw milk) $17.50 pound

Pasteurized milk  $10.00 gallon $7.50 half gallon
Chocolate milk $7.50 half gallon $3.75 pint
Buttermilk $7.50 half gallon $3.75 pint
Pimento Cheese $9.00
Cheese block $12.00:  pepper jack or tomato basil or dill or bleu or sharp cheddar or mild cheddar
Ice Cream $12.00 half gallon $5.00 cups  vanilla or butter pecan or strawberry or peach or chocolate or dark chocolate or mint chocolate chip 



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